How to Find Recycled Plastic Barrels in Your Local Area

find recycled plastic barrels and rainwater containersThe key to creating an affordable do-it-yourself rainwater harvesting system is to find a local source for recycled plastic barrels.

Typically, the best recycled barrel options come from food and beverage processors, shipping companies, or local distributors who have made collecting these barrels from other companies a part of their business.

Because of the size and volume of these recycled plastic barrels, they are very bulky and expensive to ship a great distance. As such, it is usually not cost-effective to buy recycled plastic barrels unless you can go and pick them up. (Of course, it depends upon the source; some companies get the barrels nearly free so they can afford to pay the shipping cost and still make money!)

Search for Recycled Plastic Barrels Locally

Add the name of your city and state after the + into the search box below then click the ‘SEARCH’ button. A list of local options for sourcing plastic barrels will be presented in a new window:


Links to Recycled Plastic Barrel Sources

Below are some regional and national commercial resources for finding recycled plastic barrels to create a rainwater harvesting system. Find the barrels then use the products of Garden Watersaver to craft a complete, affordable, no-hassle roof-to-rain-barrel system!


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