Customer Comments & Testimonials


I installed the Garden WaterSaver to collect a 100+ gallons for our small garden.  Following the included instructions, installation was a dream. One hour into the first rain and we had two full barrels.  Your system is wonderful.

Roger and Rita Tiede



Just wanted to send you a note about the Watersaver.  Installed it in 20 minutes on a over-sized downspout. It rained the next day and worked great!  It’s a great product and will help with the drought here in Atlanta.

Best Regards,
Vince Obsitnik
Peachtree City, Georgia



This system works just as advertised. We set up two barrels that hold 250 gallons (1,000 L) each. One barrel, fed by a 6 ft. long gutter, collected about 60 gallons (250 L) of water during a light overnight rain.

The other barrel collected about 200 gallons (800 L) of water that same night from one downspout. If we had collected all the water from all the downspouts, we would have had over 750 gallons (3,000 L) of water from one overnight rain.

Installation of the Watersaver, including taking down and re-installing the downspouts, took about 30 minutes for the first one and 20 minutes for the other one.

Mike Pondsonline
Powel River, BC



My watersavers arrived on Thursday and I installed two of them that day.

They were very easy to install, the directions were quite clear and simple to follow. What is even better, their installation was followed by rain on Friday! The rainfall was very light (though welcome in this drought) but I collected gallons of water from the two roof areas.

As soon as I can, I will install the third. I have told my gardening friends about watersavers and informed my neighbors that I can now water every day (not just on even dates) as I have a reservoir which is not supplied by the county.

I love these things! Feel free to use my comments on your testimonials page.

Madelyn T. Gould
Atlanta, GA



I purchased two WATERSAVER units in the spring and have installed one on my second floor deck where I capture rain water to keep my fairly large flower pots happy all summer. The water heats naturally to a nice warm temperature and my plants don’t get shocked by cold tap water. I place some natural fertilizer (manure) inside the trash can container to provide a little extra boost to my plants.

The WATERSAVER system saves me from making numerous trips to a water tap, as I simply fill my watering can by dipping it into the container. We decided to interconnect a larger barrel capable of holding enough water to dampen the south garden alongside the house which gets cooked by the hot afternoon sun and receives practically no rain due to the wide roof overhang.

By installing a spigot (tap) to the barrel and attaching a hose and soaker hose to it, we can leave the spigot turned on during rainy days to give the garden a good soak.

We live in the country and on a well which means water is at a premium in summer when the gardens need it most. Our second unit will be installed next spring for watering our vegetable garden. I recommend the Garden Watersaver to everyone interested in gardening.

Johanne Laforce
Maple Ridge, British Columbia



We are writing to tell you how pleased we are with our Watersaver. We are avid gardeners as well as being concerned about the environment. We have been using your product to run a soaker hose to our salad garden, providing it with a constant trickle of water. Using the Watersaver we are able to adequately water our garden while complying with the local water restriction laws.

We are very pleased with the potential this product has for global water conservation. With this device, each individual home is able to maximize water use while contributing to the larger picture of global water conservation. You deserve an environmental award for creating such a simple yet monumentally important product.
Thank you for allowing us to participate in global water conservation.

Sandi Evans and Peter McLorg
Richmond, B.C.



I installed a Garden Watersaver this Spring and placed a 200 litre barrel behind rose bushes on the side of our home. The barrel is well hidden and when full the excess water back pressures back to the down pipe just as the instructions said it would.

Fred Schoepper
Richmond B.C.



Just wanted to thank you for your product. We just built a 15 sq meter extension to our apartment and I hooked up the
watersaver to the gutter on the roof to empty in a 220 liter barrel. A moderate rainfall fills up the barrel very quickly and I use the water to water the garden. It was simple to install. The Sea of Galillee, the main reservoir of Israel, is at a all time low, and now I can water my garden without feeling guilty.

Menachem Gross