Why Collect Rainwater for the Garden?

collect rainwater in rain barrels for the gardenPlants, flowers and vegetables love rainwater from the sky, which means they also love rainwater from the rain barrel!

Soft, pure, chemical-free rainwater maintained at proper ambient temperature help plants grow vigorously.

Cold, chlorinated water from most tap systems can shock plants and slow their growth.

Rainwater can be applied at a more favorable temperature for plant growth than cold well-water or city water. And rainwater is not chlorinated, fluoridated, or treated with chemicals as are most municipal water supplies.

But collecting rain water for a garden without a rainwater harvesting system can be a bit unwieldy. The easiest way to get rain water from your roof to your rain barrel is to use a diverter right in your gutter’s downspouts. By placing a Garden Watersaver Downspout Diverter directly into your roof’s gutter system, you’ll have a rain barrel full of natural rain water in no time, making it easy to water your garden the eco-friendly way!

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