Complete Rain Barrel Construction Kit 3×4


Get everything you need to create a complete and fully-functional rainwater harvesting system — just add the barrel! For use with a 3″x4″ downspout.

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The Garden Watersaver Complete Rain Barrel Construction Kit for 3″x4″ Downspouts includes:
· The Garden Water Saver Diverter for a 3″x4″ downspout
· 3″x4″ Downspout adapter to connect to diverter
· a 5-foot (1.5 m) long white hose (for use from diverter to barrel)
· a Deactivating Plug (to cap the diverter when not in use)
· a Hose Barb Adapter (to seal-attach the diverter hose to the barrel)
· a brass Spigot (to connect an outgoing garden hose to the barrel)
· Downspout cutout template
· Special instructions for installing 3×4 adapter and diverter

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NOTE: A RAIN BARREL IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THE KIT! Recycled plastic barrels are cheap to buy but expensive to ship, so a barrel is not included in the kit. See how to find inexpensive recycled barrels locally here.

A simple, fun, do-it-yourself project you can complete in about 30 minutes! Automatically collect, save and re-use rainwater right from your home’s roof, gutters and downspouts. This Kit is for use on any standard 3″x4″ downspout.

To install the diverter to a downspout on your home, drill two holes in any kind of plastic barrel, attach the spigot and the hose adapter to the barrel, and you are ready to collect and use rainwater you collect whenever you want! Complete installation instructions are included.

The Garden Watersaver Complete Rain Barrel Construction Kit will help you save money, help the environment, and green up your garden! Avoid water and sewer usage fees by storing free water! Reduce runoff to local streams, rivers and lakes! Use nitrogen-rich rainwater instead of chlorinated tap water to better grow your flowers and plants!

Don’t run to the hardware store or hope mix-match pieces fit. We’ve included everything you need to create a complete rainwater harvesting system, all in one affordable package. Take water from your roof to your rain barrel to your garden in no time with the easy-to-use Garden Watersaver Complete Rain Barrel Construction Kit!


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