Spigot for Standard Rain Barrels

Spigot Kit for Open Top Rain Barrels and Trash CansAdd a Spigot to any new or recycled plastic barrel to make it a fully-functioning, easy-to-use rainwater transfer system!

This spigot is for use specifically on vertically-positioned barrels, as shown in the photo below.

The barrel used can be open-top or sealed, but this spigot MUST be attached to the lower rounded-side portion of the barrel.

add a spigot to an open top contain style rain barrelSee instructions for installing a spigot on the How To Build A Rain Barrel page.

(This style spigot CANNOT be installed into a barrel bung on the top or bottom lid; the threaded piece is not designed for that use. To add a spigot to a sealed barrel through a bung, see the Spigot for Sealed Barrels.)


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